The Metabolism Plan – Day 8 Re-do

Weight: Stabilized

Water: 3.5 L

Sleep: 7.5 hours interrupted

Test Food: Eggs (if there isn’t any better protein available)

This morning I woke up and was exhausted! My hubs was away last night and I never sleep well when he is not home. My son also woke me up a couple of times during the night, which meant I was a zombie in the morning.

I weighed myself and was frustrated to see that I was the same weight as the I was the previous day, but when I thought about it I knew that I had indulged in more than an ounce of dark chocolate so that was likely it.

Despite a frazzled morning trying to wrangle my kids solo-style, I did enjoy my coffee and Plan Smoothie on the way into work.

After I arrived at work I took my CBD pill and noticed within a half an hour that my mouth was sooooo dry (the only negative side effect I have experienced so far). In fact, in the few days I have been taking CBD my mood has been incredible with more feelings of happiness and much less anxiety.

For lunch I had baby romaine with left over roasted broccoli, carrots and zucchini (my colleagues must hate me when I reheat this in the microwave) with almonds and chicken kale soup. There is something so delicious about simple, stripped down food that just is what it is without any bells or whistles. Maybe this means my taste buds are changing or evolving?

Dinner will be baby romaine salad with eggs, broccoli and kale. Eggs are my test protein today. I really could take or leave eggs so if my hubs picks up pork or beef from the grocery store I may change my protein test to one of those meats instead.

I have had a couple of comments that I look thinner and good (as in a reference to health) so I think that despite not boasting massive weight loss as some do right from the beginning on the Plan, there are other positive changes that are happening to my body.

I still cannot crack the constipation code though. Last week was a week with multiple migraines that I did take Mersyndol for so perhaps Codeine could be the culprit?

Tomorrow is exercise test day again and I would like to walk my five km route at lunch while listening to a podcast. When I run that route it is approximately 35 minutes but when I walk it usually takes me closer to an hour so we shall see if that is inflammatory for me.

Random aside: is anyone else OBSESSED with podcasts? I know I am like three years late to the party but OMG. I started with Season 1 of Serial, which covers the Adnan Syed case and subsequently devoured Undisclosed Season 1, which was a deeper dive into the case. So fascinating! After Undisclosed I binged S-Town and Dirty John and am now changing lanes and listening to Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. I listen to podcasts on my way to and from work when the kids aren’t with me and on Sunday’s when I food prep. It is such an enjoyable form of entertainment that I had written off for so long and I am not even sure why. Another great podcast I listen to is Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Surprising to no one is Oprah’s incredible ability to get an honest, in-depth interview from her guests, which makes the Super Soul Conversations so enjoyable to listen to.

Last night was night two of plugging my phone in outside of my bedroom and reading until I felt sleepy. The book I am reading right now got off to a slow start but is starting to pick up so I ended up reading three chapters last night and had to remind myself that “partying” on a weeknight doesn’t pay off. So at 10:00 pm I closed the lights (Latin America reference) and called it a night. For those of you curious about the book I am reading it is called Nora Webster by Colm Toibin.

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