The Metabolism Plan – Stuck in Limbo

Temperature: 97.7

Weight: – 0.5 lbs (for a total of 10 lbs lost thus far)

Sleep: 8.75 hours

Water: 3.5 L

Test Food: None

Test Exercise: None

Ugh life! I have been in Plan limbo for about a week now after the demise of my glass cook top. I am still eating on plan, cooking with non-reactive foods on a camping stove, but I haven’t tested any new foods or exercise. The good news? My blown-up stove top has precipitated a full kitchen reno. Good-bye early 90’s pink and grey; hello double ovens and gas cook top!

On Sunday I made a big batch of chicken kale soup, which I will portion out and freeze, so I think I should to repeat Day 8 tomorrow and carry on from there.

I am astonished at losing 10 lbs in two weeks without any feelings of deprivation or hanger. What I have noticed are the psychological cravings I get when others are eating foods I used to (read: still) love (i.e. candy, ice cream, slurpees etc.). I am not actually hungry when I am craving these items but my mind instantly goes into the old FOMOs narrative, which in the past has lead me to indulge in foods that I know will make me feel horrible. It is like a sad pining for the sugary indulgences of days gone by.

The biggest difference I have noticed so far is not my weight loss but the increase in my energy. I was honestly scared I would be relegated to a sedentary life that went from bed to car, office chair to couch and back to bed again. My jaw pain is still there but I am hoping that the combination of CBD, eating on plan and massage therapy will get my joint back into tiptop shape.

I am feeling super hopeful in what has otherwise felt like a hopeless situation up until this point.

One thing I did yesterday, which is small, but I suspect will have a big impact on my life is that I bought a small alarm clock. I usually plug my phone in beside my bed as I use it as an alarm, which means I inevitably surf mindlessly until it is time to go to bed. This means I am overstimulated and have just wasted an hour (sometimes more) being totally disengaged and unproductive. Last night I plugged my phone in to charge in the bathroom at 8:00 pm, read a chapter of a new book and was asleep by 9:15. It was amazingly relaxing.

Food for thought in a world instant gratification, the 24 hour news cycle and social media highlight reels.

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