Yesterday I took matters into my own hands and visited a local dispensary after many of you reached out with anecdotes regarding the efficacy of CBD on pain and inflammation.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I walked in but the atmosphere of Farmacy was super profesh with sleek marketing and crisp, modern branding. The staff were also approachable and knowledgeable, which put my newbie nerves at ease.

The gal I talked with explained that marijuana was comprised of cannabinoids (THC and CBD) that have different properties that can be therapeutic for a multitude of conditions and illnesses. She suggested that I try 40mg of CBD in pill form and a combination of CBD and 5mg of THC to take before bed to help me sleep better. Apparently the THC really helps the effectiveness of the CBD on inflammation so I was willing to give it a shot. Instead of selling me an entire bottle she suggested I started with five pills of each to see if I liked them and noticed a positive effect, which was greatly appreciated.

I was weary about taking the CBD/THC pill as I didn’t like the “out of control” feeling that psychotropic drugs can give you in addition to feeling anxious and paranoid. No thanks! When I voiced these concerns she assured me that the dose of THC was so small that it was possible I wouldn’t feel anything and a more likely scenario would be that I would probably need to work up to a dose that was helpful.

The customer service at Farmacy was excellent. The woman I spoke with spent time going over my individual situation and answering any and all questions I had with care and patience. She gave me a card for Farmacy and told me to call any time that I had questions or concerns and advised that there was also a wealth of information on the Farmacy website should I be interested in reading up further on the products I purchased.

Farmacy only accepts cash so they have an ATM machine on site and they donate the service charge fee to the Victoria Women’s Transition House as well as the BC Cancer Agency. Weed with a social conscience – I love it!

Before I went to bed I took one of the CBD/THC pills. About half an hour later I felt an immense calm and the gradual sleepy feeling that most normal people must feel when they crawl into bed after a busy day. Within half an hour of that I was fast asleep and slept through the whole night. When I woke up, to my astonishment, I wasn’t the least bit groggy.

This morning I took the CBD pill at 9:00 am (it is safe to take a work as there are no psychotropic effects) and I suspect that I will be able to evaluate more fully its effects in a week or two. I do notice that my right jaw joint is a bit loser and not as painful today. Placebo? Who knows. It could be that I had such a relaxing sleep that I didn’t clench as much, which means my jaw joint wasn’t as tight this morning? Could it be the CBD that I took this morning? Or a combination of both? Only time will tell!

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