The Metabolism Plan – Lost Days

Ugh between my stove top blowing up to having to chuck out my food prep to getting a wicked migraine yesterday that lasted until today, my adherence to days 9 and 10 were non-existent.

I did manage to go down a pound both Sunday night and Monday night by sticking to Plan-friendly foods but I would like to get back on track so I can test more foods and exercises.

If I’m being realistic, I will probably eat Plan-friendly foods Wednesday and Thursday and then food prep on Friday so I can start Day 9 on Saturday.

One thing that is puzzling so far and this will be 100% TMI, but that’s how I roll, is I am SO constipated despite eating a ton of fibre, having a coffee every day and drinking over three litres of water. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Anywhoozle, I am feeling super groggy from all the migraine meds I have taken in the last 24 hours so I am going to hop in the shower and climb into bed.

I have my appointment at the Pain Clinic tomorrow so hopefully I will have some more information on ways I can deal with my chronic pain that don’t involve more drugs.

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