The Metabolism Plan – Day 6

Temperature: 97.7 (surprise, surprise… I got my period today)

Optimal BBT: 97 to 97.3

Functional BBT: 96.5 to 97.3

Above 97.3: Likely to exhibit more hyperthyroid symptoms, such as anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, and racing heart.

Below 96.5: Likely to exhibit hypothyroid symptoms, such as lethargy, depression, constipation, and weight gain.

Weight: – 1.1 lbs

Water: 3.5 L

Sleep: 6 restless hours

Test Food: Lamb

Test Exercise: None

I am actually amazed I am down 1.1 lbs today as yesterday afternoon was a doozy. On my way home from picking up the kids I witnessed a terrible crash on the Trans-Canada Highway. A driver suffered a medical event, lost control of his vehicle and crashed in front of me resulting in the car to hit the centre median and flip. My kids were screaming, I was so calling 911 as onlookers rushed to pull the three men out of the mangled truck. It was really scary as the truck came so close to my car and cut right in front of me before crashing. All I could think about were my kids. When I got home I had a massive stress headache so I took Advil again and snuggled with the kids while we talked through what we saw (lots of blood, loud, scary noises etc.).

My hubs was so great and ordered dinner for him and the kids, which I wanted nothing more to partake in to feed my emotions but I managed to course correct and made my day five dinner. I am so glad I did because it was delicious.

This was a big deal for me because my MO for the better part of my life has been to soothe my discomfort whether it be; anxiety, sadness, boredom or happiness, with food. Consciously choosing to deal with my emotions in a different was extremely difficult in the moment but very empowering after the fact.

When it was time to go to sleep I felt so much physical anxiety (i.e. racing heart, gross feeling in my stomach etc.) that I had to get my weighted blanket for the first time in a long time. My mind kept racing thinking about the men that were pulled from the vehicle and if they were ok. Thankfully I read in a newspaper article this morning that they sustained minor injuries but were going to be ok.

Anyways, all of this is to say that I took Advil, which can cause weight stabilization, was super stressed and did not get a great sleep so I was shocked to see that I was down in weight this morning.

My exercise last night consisted of squats, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, crunches and push-ups for 12 minutes. I am happy that set passed the test as it is something I can easily do at home or in my office at work during lunch.

Today I was back to my regularly scheduled programming of flax granola, half an apple and coconut milk for breakfast.

For lunch I had leftover carrot soup with a salad that included leftover zucchini and onion in a spicy apricot glaze, half and avocado, manchego cheese and pumpkin seeds. SO freaking good. I have fallen in love with manchego cheese and could honestly have it on everything.

For a snack I had a whole apple this afternoon and it really hit the spot. The combination of sweetness, crunch and the fibre quelled my hunger and actually made me feel satisfied.

My energy continues to rise. It is really incredible and I feel almost giddy. My eight year old daughter asked me this morning if I was keeping a secret because I was acting so hyper. I think to them I have been like a shell with a dim light for the past six months so normal energy must seem super weird to them.

Dinner tonight is BBQ’d lamb with salad and steam veg. I haven’t had lamb in years and am really looking forward to all of that flavour.

Do you want to know something funny? Throughout these past six days I have very diligently measured my nuts, seeds, proteins, oils, cheese etc. and over the course of each meal thought to myself, “this is a huge meal…I am really full…I must have measured something wrong…I will probably be up in weight tomorrow”, only realize that on average I have been losing a pound a day. This is a bizarre realization coming from years of literally starving myself on this diet and that diet to lose a meagre pound to a pound and a half a WEEK. I am not sure how the next three weeks will shape up but six days in I am thinking there really might be something to everyone’s individual body chemistry reacting differently to a variety of foods that fall under the “bad” column or “healthy” column. Maybe you don’t have to starve yourself and can actually enjoy real food and large quantities of it without gaining weight.

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