The Metabolism Plan – Day 1

Oh…my…GOD. Yesterday was SO horrible!

I woke up and took my temperature as directed and it was [insert number]. From there I drank my 16 oz of water and took the recommended probiotic and MSM supplement and proceeded to wait 45 minutes until I could eat my breakfast. Psychogically, this was difficult as I usually wake up ravenous and craving sweet/starchy foods. Don’t even get me started about the no coffee…

When it was time to eat breakfast I measured out my 1 cup of flax granola, blueberries and coconut milk. I was starving to say the least! The flax granola is SO good!!!! Such an easy recipe so I will definitely be batch cooking and portioning out for future weeks to make life easier.

After breakfast I drank two litres of water hoping to stem the tide on the migraine I knew was coming.

By the time lunch rolled around I was ready to eat cardboard if that would fill me up. Luckily lunch was an incredibly filling meal. I had 16 oz of carrot ginger soup, two cups of steamed broccoli, one ounce of pumpkin seeds (supposed to be sunflower seeds but I couldn’t find them anywhere) and baby romaine lettuce with an olive oil, lemon juice and doll dressing. SO good and so filling (thank GOD).

After lunch I drank another litre of water and really started to feel cranky. Add to that my husband stopping for slurpees and pizza with the kids and my cravings were through the roof.

By the time we got home my headache was in full swing. The detox guidelines in The Metabolism Plan suggest taking Aspirin as Advil and Tylenol cause weight gain. So, I gave some Extra Strength Aspirin a try and confirmed my sneaking suspicion that it would do nothing. By now my headache is a full blown migraine so I try desperately to get it under control by lying in a dark room under a mountain of ice packs. By 7:00 pm I am in so much pain and so desperate for relief that I take to Mersyndol, which are a combination of Tylenol, Advil and a muscle relaxant.

As my migraine abates and becomes a stubborn headache I am hit with cravings for sugar that are so intense. All I want is comfort food. But, I am also terrified to get out of bed for fear of my headache worsening so I ended up spending the rest of the night in bed, ultimately sleeping through dinner.

I really hope today (Day 1) is a better day!

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