A Foray Into Floating

These past few weeks I have been a self-care warrior; hitting up massage therapy, acupuncture, indulging in Epsom salt baths and really cleaning up my eating game.

Basically I have been approaching my chronic pain as if it were a beast that needs to be taken down, systematically, from both a physical and emotional standpoint.

I have long wondered what it would be like to experience sensory deprivation in those posh tanks that people with endless disposable income must enjoy.

There is a business that offers floats in my city called The Float House so I decided I was worth the $75 price tag and booked my first float.

My appointment was this afternoon at one and I arrived fifteen minutes early to find out the necessary paperwork.

The storefront was light and airy with a living wall to the right of the front desk. There were white leather bean bag chair and comfortable bench seating by the window where you store you shoes and slide into a pair of spa slippers.

When it was time for my float I was escorted to a room with a large tank that resembles a mordern clamshell. There was a shower with unscented soap to wash all of the oils from your skin, remove any deodorant and ensure any shampoo and conditioner was rinsed from your hair.

I was advised to put my earplugs in when my ears were dry and to dry my face once I had finished my shower so that I didn’t have the urge to wipe my face while I was in the tank.

After my shower I climbed into the tank and closed the lid. The water is kept at the same temperature as your skin so don’t get cold and there is so much Epsom salt in the water that you float.

There is a light on in the tank and relaxing music playing for about five minutes while you get settled. If you are at all claustrophobic you can leave the lid to the tank open as well as keep the lights on. As I am not claustrophobic I closed the lid and turned off the light.

I initially anchored myself in the tank with my toes touching the end and my hands touching the sides. Once the lights went out and I was in complete darkness I began to slowly relax and my hands and feet drifted to a comfortable position.

It was the most bizarre and serine experience as I had no concept of time and was weightless in complete darkness.

I drifted in and out of sleep and was in a deep meditative state. I became acutely aware of all of my muscles as they relaxed and let go, one by one. It was an interesting sensation as it felt unfamiliar for my body to be that at ease.

When my float was finished the relaxing music slowly came on and I brought myself to a sitting position.

Once I pushed the lid up the lights in the room automatically came on and I climbed out of the tank.

After my float I had a hot shower and washed my hair and body with the most aromatic peppermint shampoo and conditioner.

When you emerge from the room you can lounge around in aforementioned leather bean bags and sip on lemon water or Silk Road tea.

It was the most luxurious act of self-care I have ever experienced and I will definitely be going back.


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